Fever screening thermal CCTV camera and masks

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      Dear Sir/mdm,

      How are you?

      We supply Professional surveillance & medical products:

      Moldex, makrite and 3M N95 1860, 9502, 9501, 8210
      3ply medical, KN95, FFP2, FFP3, PPDS masks
      Face shield/medical goggles
      Nitrile/vinyl/PP gloves
      Isolation/surgical gown lvl1-4
      Protective PPE/Overalls lvl1-4
      IR non-contact thermometers/oral thermometers
      sanitizer dispenser
      Crystal tomato

      Logitech/OEM webcam
      Marine underwater CCTV
      Explosionproof CCTV
      4G Solar CCTV
      Human body thermal cameras
      for Body Temperature Measurement up to accuracy of ±0.1?C

      Let us know which products you are interested and we can send you our full pricelist.

      Whatsapp: +65 87695655
      Telegram: cctv_hub
      Skype: cctvhub
      Email: sales@thecctvhub.com
      W: http://www.thecctvhub.com/

      If you do not wish to receive email from us again, please let us know by replying.

      CCTV HUB

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